Side-Port Connectors / Adapters

This 15mm X 15 mm SidePort Connector/Adapter is molded in HIGH CLARITY MODIFIED ACRYLIC plastic. This SidePort Connector/Adapter is supplied with both ARM TWO-PIECE and ARM MICRO Sensors. Supplied in a package of 4 pieces.

Order # C-04 ($15.00)

This 15mm X 15 mm SidePort Connector/Adapter is machined from clear POLY CARBONATE (LEXAN) and NICKEL PLATED BRASS. This SidePort Connector/Adapter will accept either the ARM TWO-PIECE or ARM MICRO Sensors. Designed to be a permanent SidePort Connector for your system. This part is warranted to be free from defective material or workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. Supplied in a package of 1 piece.

Order # C-06 ($37.50)

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