These clips have been selected for their ability to maintain a good grip without causing trauma to the patient.

It is suggested that to achieve the best possible signal acquisition from the patient, use either a conductive spray or electrode gel. The use of alcohol will help in acquiring the patient’s heart rate in the beginning, but with continued application, the patient heart signal may be impeded due to the drying effect alcohol has with repeated applications.

To increase the longevity of these alligator clips, daily cleaning should take place, especially if a conductive spray or gel is used. These compounds have an acid base and will attack the spring of the alligator clip. At the end of each day’s surgery, remove the alligator clips from the clip leads of the patient cable. Wash the clips in a solution of mild soap and water. Dry the clips thoroughly and apply a small amount of “WD-40” or other light oil to the spring. Place the clips back on the clip leads.

Order # S-07s ($32.50)

Alligator Clip w/ stainless steel springs (color coded red).

Order # S-07 ($22.50)

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