The ARM TWO-PIECE S-02p (Plastic), Sensor incorporates a two-piece design, the ARM sensor and a 15mm X 15mm SidePort Connector/Adapter.

The 15mm X 15mm SidePort Connector/Adapter is removable to provide the user the ability to keep the sensor and the connector/adapter clean without damaging the sensor.

The sensor assembly has a large diameter cable to provide durability without sacrificing flexibility. To install the sensor assembly into the connector/adapter, insert the sensor through the SidePort of the adapter (or the SidePort of the ETC) and turn the sensor clockwise to secure.

Order # S-02p ($44.00)

The ARM TWO-PIECE, S-02m (Metal), Sensor incorporates a two-piece design, as in design above. The body of the sensor is machined of brass and is nickel plated. This sensor has been manufactured as an option for those users who are not very gentle on equipment.

Order # S-02m ($77.00)

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